Even though we endeavor to keep our mouths and teeth clean, sometimes a cavity does develop. In such cases, it is important to realize that, unlike almost every other organ and system in the body, teeth cannot heal themselves. The sooner a cavity gets seen to, the less the damage, the more conservative the solution. So it is best not to leave it.

If the cavity has not progressed too far, the tooth can be restored with a composite or white filling. The dentist will remove the portion of the tooth that has been damaged by decay and replace the portion with tooth-colored composite.

The amalgam fillings that were extensively used in the past and are still placed today are often not very aesthetically pleasing. If they are not too large, you may request that your dentist safely remove your amalgam filling and replace it with a composite filling. However, should the amalgam filling be large, replacing with a composite filling may result in weakening of the tooth, and quite a bit of post-procedure sensitivity. In these cases, the best option would normally be a crown, which would offer both strength and beauty to the tooth.

At South Coast Aesthetics and Dental, we do not place amalgam fillings, and the tooth-colored composite fillings that we place are composed of materials specifically chosen for each case, based on the requirements of the area. We take time to research and follow the latest developments in dental materials to ensure that our patients benefit from the rapidly expanding field of knowledge when it comes to dental methods and materials.