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by | May 3, 2016


There is no doubt that a smile is one of the most important personal assets an individual can possess. And the condition of your teeth can have a major impact not only on the appearance of your smile, but also on your willingness to smile and the generosity with which you smile. Studies have shown that smiling has so many benefits, it improves your mood, it improves your relationships and it can even improve your success in business.

If you find that you avoid smiling in photographs, or you tend to laugh with your hand in front of your mouth, you may want to consider a smile makeover. If you have a habit of making sure your lips always cover your teeth when you meet people for the first time, think about dropping the habit by fixing the cause. Even a person who is by nature a happy and approachable, may be judged harshly because they avoid smiling, being subconsciously labeled as hostile and unhappy.

If the condition of your teeth is holding you back from offering your best smile on a regular basis, there are so many options available to help you overcome this obstacle. At South Coast Aesthetics and Dental we can assess you for something as simple as whitening or straightening your teeth, both of which are offered on a referral basis, or we can assist with the more complex cases where teeth are missing, broken or overfilled, and restore your smile to everything that it should be with crowns, bridges or implants.

Whatever your concern is, don’t let the appearance of your teeth hold you back from living your life with a smile on your face. Because you are never more beautiful than when you are smiling.

Cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry

We offer a modern and comprehensive approach to restoring your smile!

Missing Teeth

A consultation will be necessary to determine which approach will best suit the individual’s needs. Missing and severely compromised teeth can be addressed by

  • Implants
  • Bridges or crowns
  • Dentures

A dental implant is a replacement for the root of a tooth. It is fixed into the bone, and provides a structure on which a fixed crown or a removable denture can be placed. Both phases of the treatment, the placement and the restorative phase, are done in the rooms.

A bridge is a non-removable false tooth that is anchored by the teeth on either side. We offer metal free crowns and bridges to ensure the health of our patients.

Dentures can be used when most or all teeth are missing. They are removable, and can have either an acrylic or metal base. They can also be stabilized by implants.

All these treatments are offered in house.

Teeth Whitening

A consultation will be necessary to determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate for bleaching.

Great results can be obtained by teeth whitening. Whiter teeth make for a healthier and more youthful appearance. We offer a customised service that includes an initial 45 min intensive bleaching session and thereafter a take home kit to ensure the longevity of your white smile.

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