In an era where people lead such busy lives, even a trip to the dentist may come as a time sacrifice. And when that visit turns into multiple visits because a crown is needed, it just becomes harder and harder to set that time aside.

Fortunately, as technology advances, options become available to us to overcome these kinds of obstacles. And introducing CAD/CAM technology to the dental field just made having a crown prepped, fabricated and fitted and much more cost-effective and convenient for the patient.

At South Coast Aesthetics and Dental we have introduced the CEREC crown system to our dental offering. The time factor being just the start of the benefits of the system, other benefits are a fantastic fit, competitive pricing, and best of all no impressions are needed!

The appointment will start with the traditional prepping of the tooth surface to receive the crown. This will mean taking away any old and unstable filling, as well as removing any decay. Once the tooth is adequately prepared, the dentist will scan the tooth and the teeth on either side, as well as the opposing jaw to enable the software to build a 3D model of the tooth in context, and enable the dentist to design a tooth that will fit in with all the other teeth.

The dentist will then send the design to the mill, and the tooth gets ground out of the chosen material. The dentist then adds a stain to give the tooth character, and glaze to give the tooth life and to seal it. He then will place it in a furnace as the last stage to making the crown.

The whole fabrication process usually averages 30 min per tooth, and the patient will be back in the chair having their brand new crown fitted, without need for a second visit or a second injection. So convenient and easy! The crowns are metal-free and beautiful to look at. Don’t let time be an obstacle to getting a crown!