Cosmetic dentistry

There is no doubt that a smile is one of the most important personal assets an individual can possess. And the condition of your teeth can have a major impact not only on the appearance of your smile, but also on your willingness to smile and the generosity with which you smile. 

General dentistry

 The foundation of good health is laid in the oral cavity. As simplistic as it may seem, a constant infection in the mouth, whether it be of the gums or of the teeth, does not place you in a good position to keep the rest of your body in good condition.

dental implants

The loss of a permanent tooth is something we strive to avoid, however at times a tooth may have been through so much that there is no other option than to remove it. The consequences of missing teeth can have far reaching effects throughout your whole mouth, aside from the obvious inconvenience of chewing difficulties and aesthetic concerns.

Composite fillings

Even though we endeavor to keep our mouths and teeth clean, sometimes a cavity does develop. In such cases it is important to realize that, unlike almost every other organ and system in the body, teeth cannot heal themselves. The sooner a cavity gets seen to, the less the damage, the more conservative the solution. So it is best not to leave it.

Same Day crowns

At South Coast Aesthetics and Dental we have introduced the CEREC crown system to our dental offering. The time factor being just the start of the benefits of the system, other benefits are fantastic fit, competitive pricing, and best of all no impressions are needed!

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