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There is no doubt that a smile is one of the most important personal assets an individual can possess. And the condition of your teeth can have a major impact not only on the appearance of your smile, but also on your willingness to smile and the generosity with which you smile.  Don’t let the appearance of your teeth hold you back from living your life with a smile on your face. Because you are never more beautiful than when you are smiling.

If the condition of your teeth is holding you back from offering your best smile on a regular basis, there are so many options available to help you overcome this obstacle. At D’Arcy Dental we can assess you for something as simple as whitening or straightening your teeth, both of which are offered on a referral basis, or we can assist with the more complex cases where teeth are missing, broken or overfilled, and restore your smile to everything that it should be with crowns, bridges or implants.

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Restore missing teeth

When a tooth is lost, the consequences of leaving the space become worse as time goes on, and can increase the risk of other teeth being lost. Teeth keep each other in the appropriate spaces, and without an opposing or adjacent tooth, teeth tilt and drift, and eventually will endure the incorrect biting forces and suffer damage.

The overall structure of the jaw and face can also change over time as a consequence of missing teeth. Teeth assist in keeping the bony structure intact, without teeth to maintain it, the jaw shape will reduce and change.


The least expensive option to restore missing teeth, this is a removable option and should mostly be considered a temporary option until a more permanent solution can be put in place.

Dentures can be full plastic, which is a bit bulkier and therefore less comfortable, or have a metal/ chrome cobalt base. They can restore a full arch of teeth, or only a few.


A non- removable restorative option, a bridge requires two supporting teeth in the mouth to be fixed to. It is almost identical in appearance to the other teeth in the mouth and requires very little special care, just regular flossing and brushing along with the rest of your teeth.

Implants: placement and restoration phase

An implant is a non- removable restorative option, it requires sufficient bone to be held in place, and it can replace any number of missing teeth. At its completed phase it is identical in appearance to the other teeth.

Implants require very little special care, however it is an investment and can will last a life time if properly maintained with daily flossing and brushing as well as regular dental visits to catch any small issues before they become problematic.


In order to establish a way forward and ascertain your expectations and your oral health needs and concerns, a good relationship of clear communication is essential with your dental provider and the team. There are various consultation options.

Routine check-ups and cleaning

It is recommend that a routine check-up and cleaning is done every 6 to 12 months, at these appointments a baseline can be established and any problems can be picked up early and attended to.

Treatment planning

Wherever possible a comprehensive treatment plan will be drawn up to address your oral health concerns. This is just to give you direction when deciding on treatment options, and will enable you to budget costing and structure treatment.

Full mouth rehabilitation and smile restorations

A smile contributes so much to the confidence and presentation of a person. Should you wish to improve your smile in anyway, or should you have suffered major damage to your teeth and you would like to have it addressed, discuss this with the dentist and we can draw up a plan that will address your concerns and meet your expectations.

Teeth straightening

Whether on a referral or in-house basis, we can assist you in achieving the smile that you have always wanted.

Mouthguard, bleaching tray and grinding splint fabrication

We offer a variety of options to protect your teeth whether during contact sport, grinding while sleeping, or even just custom fitting trays to make whitening your teeth convenient and effective.



We offer composite fillings, more commonly referred to as white fillings.

Perio management programs

Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth. At D’Arcy Dental we are passionate about oral health care, as, without it, no work carried out in the oral cavity has a good prognosis.

Should you have suffered from any form of gum issue in the past, be it mild gingivitis to severe periodontal gum disease, we will encourage you to stick to a tailor-made program to enable you to get your mouth healthy again, and then maintain it in the long term.

Single appointment crowns and bridges

Due to the advancements made in the dental field, and keeping in mind that multiple dental visits are difficult for the majority of patients, we offer a single day crown and bridge service. This means your crown can be made while you wait, and you do not have to schedule a separate delivery appointment. It also means only having to receive aesthetic once.

Root canal

When a tooth sustains significant damage, whether through decay or trauma, or the nerve is subjected to long periods of exposure, the nerve may become hypersensitive or even die. In this instance the resulting toothache can be relieved by removing the dead nerve from the tooth by the root canal process.

As it becomes detrimental to your overall health to lose teeth and not replace them, we view extraction as a last resort. Root canal can prevent the need to extract a tooth.

It is recommended that, should the root canal be successful, a crown is placed on the tooth to seal and strengthen the remaining natural tooth structure.


When a tooth becomes too badly damaged and cannot be saved, it must be removed. Extractions are a last resort, as the consequences of missing teeth over a long period are quite severe.

We offer extractions, and do so with the preservation of as much of the bone and surrounding tissue as is possible, so that the area may be restored as soon as possible with a replacement tooth of some kind.

I am always sceptical when It comes to dentists because of a bad experience I have had before by another dentist. When I booked with South Coast Dentist and went for my appointment for the first time I was SUPER HAPPY with their services. The dentist was very professional and to answer the question that everyone would ask, was it painful? Not at all, will recommend them 10000%

- Simone Grobler

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Which doctor will I see during my first visit?

For your initial exam visit, if you have not requested one of our doctors specifically, you will be scheduled on the first, most convenient appointment. The doctor who is available at that appointment will see you. If you do request a particular doctor, you’ll be scheduled with that doctor.

Will I see the same doctor for all my treatment?

Yes, if, for example, your treatment plan requires four visits, you will be scheduled all four times with your doctor.  If a different doctor has a particular proficiency (for example, wisdom tooth removal), it may be suggested that you see that doctor for the special service.

Can I see my doctor if I have an emergency?

Yes, but only if his or her schedule is available. One of the reasons for our expanded schedule is to have a doctor available at as many times of the week as possible for emergency care. We would also like for all of our patients to eventually meet all of our doctors. The important thing is that one of our doctors will be available for emergency care throughout the week.

Can I see my same doctor/hygienist on my continuing-care (check-up/cleaning) visit?

Yes, but you must so request.  Because we schedule continuing-care visits months in advance, it is difficult for us to match you with a specific doctor that far in advance.

May I refer a friend or family member to a particular doctor?

Yes. Please feel free to refer someone you care about to a specific doctor here at our office. We will do our best to assure that all patients see their doctor of choice.

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