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6 Things You Never Knew about the Tooth Fairy

If you have children asking about the tooth fairy but feel you are not 100% equipped to answer them, don’t despair! We have put together 6 things you never knew about the Tooth Fairy that will help with answering some of those tricky questions.

No one knows much about the mysterious Tooth Fairy. An expert at remaining hidden, the busy Tooth Fairy keeps her secrets to herself. This leaves parents with few answers to the many questions kids have about the magical being who regularly collects the baby teeth from underneath their pillows.

Fortunately, we have done the research and here are six Tooth Fairy facts the kids have likely never heard:

  • In the Tooth Fairy’s castle, there’s a tooth library where the names of all the children in the world are stored. Their collected teeth are kept in a huge storeroom in the palace.
  • What happens to all those teeth? The Tooth Fairy’s elf friends make pretty jewellery out of them, and fairies from near and far travel to the palace to buy them.
  • The Tooth Fairy is one of the smallest and prettiest fairies in existence. She wears shimmering white gowns and silk slippers. Her wings shimmer with a golden glow and her hair shines as if laced with glitter.
  • What happens when a child begins to stir while the Tooth Fairy is near? She sends them back to sleep with a sprinkle of special fairy dust that she carries in her gold silk purse.
  • Sprite spies travel the world by day, writing the names of children with very loose teeth in a log book. At night, the Tooth Fairy checks the log book before she makes her rounds.
  • The Tooth Fairy works very closely with Dream Fairies, who banish nightmares and make sure children have sweet dreams. When an aging Tooth Fairy is ready to retire, a Dream Fairy takes her place.

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