Hassle and pain free tooth extraction

At South Coast & Scottburgh Aesthetics and Dental, we pride ourselves on offering hassle and pain free tooth extractions where needed!

Although we will try our best to ensure that your teeth stay in your mouth, should it become necessary to remove a tooth, your comfort and safety is our primary concern. If the extractions are too invasive to be done in our rooms, they can be done under general anesthetic at a nearby day hospital.

View this brave young man having his tooth removed at our rooms not so long ago! Easy peasy!

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At South Coast & Scottburgh Aesthetics and Dental we offer a wide range of preventative and restorative dental options, as well as a fantastic anti-ageing approach to skin care. Our efficient and professional staff are ready to supply you with the best care. We are well equipped to cater for all of your oral health needs. For more information please contact us info@drdarcy.co.za | (039) 695- 0530/0514

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