How to brush your two year olds teeth

In this video tutorial we watch Dr. Daryl D’Arcy demonstrate how to Brush your two year olds teeth.

  1. Use a tiny smudge of toothpaste until your toddler learns to spit and not swallow.
  2. A SOFT toothbrush is essential.
  3. A count down is a great tool to keep your toddlers focus. Start with a 3 count per quadrant and build up to a 10 count. They know there is an end coming, and they can judge when!
  4. Brush for them on all surfaces. Then give them a chance to take over.
  5. Routine is important. Morning and night. Brushing and preventing cavities is infinitely easier than fixing them.

Your child will model your behaviour. Allow them to see you brushing your teeth, they will mimic your priorities.

For more information, bring your toddler to visit us and let Dr’s Tayler or D’Arcy help you give them the best in oral health care.

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